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Scamper 50S


A small, suspending minnow style lure, weighted to enhance casting distance.

Darts erratically when jerked, mimicking a nervous bait fish – a presentation irresistible to lurking predators!

Well suited to twitching around structure, or across shallow flats when the fish are timid.


Suspending Jerkbait
0.6 metres
Length: 50mm
Weight: 2.5g


Scamper 70S


A suspending minnow style lure prized by Bream and Bass tournament anglers. Also a very effective trolling lure in shallow water for Flathead and many other salt and fresh water species.
Larger and heavier than Scamper 50S, it’s perfect for long searching casts across flats, or twitching across areas known to hold feeding fish.  Twitch it across the top of weed beds, sand flats or into snags.
Can be cranked, twitched, jerked, slow rolled or trolled, making it a versatile choice for the tackle box.


Suspending Jerkbait
0.8 metres
Length: 70mm
Weight: 5.5g

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