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Gizmo Crustacean

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half oz

A unique, versatile Twin Spin with endless rigging options.

Ready to fish out of the box, or rig as you please.

•  Flexible wire arms

•  Snag resistant “W” hook

•  Keeper for soft plastic

•  Quality hooks, rings and swivels


Predatory fish are attracted to the flash & vibration of the blades. UV Features make the bait an easier target. An extended main hook reduces short strikes.

Suggested retrieves:

Slow roll it, crawl it along the bottom, hop it,

drop it through schooled fish, burn it through structure or above weeds & then let it fall – harassing and tempting predators all the while with spinning blades.  Often gets hit on the drop.

Rigging Options:
•  Adjust the wire arms to suit your retrieve.  E.g:  For slower retrieves & tentative bites, try keeping the arms at 90° to the main hook.  For trolling, burning & faster retrieves, bend the arms 45°  away from the tow point.  Experiment & adjust to suit conditions.
•  Adding an optional soft plastic tail increases the presence of the lure in both size & vibration, plus creating more drag to lift the lure & slow the rate of fall.  A deadly approach!

Suitable for many species.
E.g: Bass, Golden Perch, Cod, Redfin, Flathead, Jew, Snapper & more!


1/2 Ounce  (14 grams)


Colour chart

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